Admin/Mod Format and Rules.

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Admin/Mod Format and Rules.

Post by Tiger Midnight on Sat Mar 22, 2014 2:53 pm

Hi Everyone, This is Tiger (Tommy).

If you are ever wondering if you can be a admin/mod or not, Request in this forum
and we super admins will see if you are worth of it or not. (PS, YOU MUST HAVE 3 DAYS OF GAME TIME ON THE SERVER)

Common Sense
If your application was denied, standard reapply period is 3 weeks from the date that the application was denied unless said otherwise by an upper administrator and You must be well known on the server.

Be constructive -> Include as much information and experiences as you possibly can in a well constructed form of spelling and grammar
Use common sense -> Don't post "in progress" supports (AKA "idk what you're like because i've never seen you so -support for now"). You either +/- support them on the spot for your personal experiences with them or if you've never had any experiences with them, don't say anything.
Administrators must be thorough in their evaluation of the applicant when +/- supporting or your word will not be valued, especially if you're known to erratically post quick opinions.
Administrator support MUST include an reply of proof AS WELL AS the supporting administrator verifying their support BY POSTING ON THE APPLICATION following the above guidelines or support is INVALID.
Administrators who give support to a candidate will be held partially accountable for the person's actions if they are to abuse.


Steam Page Link:




Do you have Common Sense?:

General Location of Living:


Is English your first language?

Rate your Communication Skills:

Have you been previously banned, if so how many times and for what?:

Will you use your powers for your own or others benefit?:

Will you abuse your powers?:

Do you understand all components of the rules list?:

Describe yourself (Minimum 1 paragraph):

Why should we trust you? (Minimum 1 paragraph):

What do you have to offer?:

Recommendations From Administrators (Include proof; Admins must verify on app):

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